New Open-Air Urinals Leave Paris Residents Pissed Off

The eco-friendly move to curb public urination has become an eyesore for residents.

Paris official’s latest attempt at curbing public urination is a batch of open-air urinals that… let men urinate in public.

The “urinators,” as they’re called, are painted firetruck red and adorned with potted flowers in an effort to beautify the open-concept port-a-potties. But the aesthetic has done little to soothe offended residents.

Residents are behind the general idea of a public urinal to keep the streets cleaner, but the locations and type of these public urinals have caused many residents to protest to city officials, according to CNN.

It doesn’t help that all four “urinators” have been set up in conspicuous areas such as near the Notre Dame Cathedral, in clear view of the River Seine.

Paris officials have no plans to remove the four urinals already placed and are planning to install a fifth one. It’s worth noting other European cities like Amsterdam have successfully maintained outdoor urinals for years.

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