How President Trump Continues to Play the Political Media

He doesn’t just understand the news cycle. He understands the psychology.

November 10, 2017 2:00 pm

A new Vanity Fair profile examines President Trump’s psyche, delving into how his experience as New York City’s real estate tycoon-turned-reality star lent him the type of insight that not only allows him to understand how the political news cycle works, but also allows him to peer into the minds of the reporters who cover him every day.

The political media class, as Vanity Fair refers to the body of journalists, is one that pursues the “news of the day,” not what happened yesterday. More than that, there is a glamour and opportunity for fame that comes with membership to the White House press corps. The president, Vanity Fair argues, isn’t just aware of this; he uses it to this knowledge to his advantage, wrapping his hands around the 49-seat briefing room that reporters shuffle into every day, each trying for the perfect “gotcha!” question, and squeezing tightly.

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