Porsche Fined Nearly $600 Million for Cheating on Diesel Emissions

Plant inconsistencies led to the instillation of unauthorized software

Porsche E-Hybrid (Evan Bleier/InsideHook)
Porsche has to pay a nearly $600 million fine. (Evan Bleier/ InsideHook)

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Porsche will have to pay a $598 million dollar fine for its diesel vehicles that emitted far greater levels of harmful pollutants into the air than allowed by law.

“The Stuttgart prosecutor’s office has levied a 535-million-euro fine against Porsche AG for negligence in quality control,” investigators said. Porsche, in turn, “abstained from a legal challenge” against the decision.

The German prosecutor’s office, which is responsible for investigating carmakers with headquarters in the state of Baden-Wuerttemberg, according to Daily Sabah, said that the automaker’s inconsistencies at its development center led to unauthorized software instillations in cars from 2009 on.

Tuesday’s fine against Porsche is yet another blow to its parent company, Volkswagen, which has been dealing with a multiyear “dieselgate” scandal. VW admitted in 2015 that it intentionally manipulated 11 million cars so that each would appear to be emitting less pollutants than they actually were. VW investors are now suing the automaker for losses suffered when the scandal sent stock prices plummeting.

The total cost of the “dieselgate” scandal has amounted to about 30-billion-euros (over $33 billion U.S. dollars) so far, according to Daily Sabah.

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