Pornhub Announces Interactive Political Art Installation in Los Angeles

Tongue-in-cheek exhibit depicts a future 'Pornhub Nation' where 'sexuality runs free.'

Adult entertainment website Pornhub will open a multi-room, month-long interactive art installation in Los Angeles starting July 14, according to a company press release. Dubbed “Pornhub Nation,” the exhibits will depict “a futuristic, utopian society formed by Pornhub” that include plays on bureaucratic organizations and branches of government, including the National Sexurity ASSociation (NSA) and Domination Masochistic Vroomvroom (DMV).

“Pornhub Nation imagines the world in 2069, where attention grabbing eye-candy dominates the visual landscape and a milieu where sexuality runs free,” co-creator Ryder Ripps said in the statement. Co-creator Maggie West also weighed in with details, saying: “We worked with Pornhub to create an interactive fantasy world with alien sex plants, DMV sex dungeons and Presidents who will proudly stand behind their secret sex tapes. Pornhub Nation is a sexy, neon drenched utopia where we can escape the banality our everyday lives.”

The 3,000 square-foot space will be open Tuesday through Sunday from 6 p.m. to midnight. Admission is $27 a person.

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