Wanna Get Paid to Brainstorm Donald Trump Prop Bets?

Real job. Inquire within.

March 23, 2017 9:00 am

The odds of the President of the United States attacking a 17-year-old for building a website that lets users bat him (Trump) around with kitten paws weren’t too good, but it happened.

If there were a way for you to wager on that, it would’ve paid out handsomely. What’s that, you say? There is a way?

Dublin-based bookmaker Paddy Power has an entire section of its site devoted to making wagers about our Commander-in-Chief and, what’s more, they’re looking for someone to head it up.

Trump Betting — which is already taking bets on “Will Trump and Putin Receive a Joint Nobel Peace Prize?” (25 to 1), “Will a Sex Tape of Trump Be Leaked Online in 2017?” (14 to 1) and “Will Joe Biden Meet Trump at an Event and Punch Him Right in the Face?” (100 to 1) — needs someone to manage their “hub” of special wagers about the President for a three-month stint.

“With more than 100 special bets online, the successful candidate will monitor and manage existing Trump markets while devising new specials to launch,” according to the job listing. “They will also need to build a wall around the hub to ensure foreign bets don’t get in. Also, a full medical history is required. Well, we don’t want you doing a Hillary on us.”

If you think you’ve got what it takes to have yuge success in the position, here’s where to apply.

We’ve got two bills on Sean Spicer eventually talking about himself in the third-person as “Dr. Spicemeister.” 

Main image courtesy of Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

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