Opium-Loving Parrots Attack Poppy Farms To Get High

The birds are going straight to the source.

opium poppy
Parrots are stealing poppy pods to get high. (Photo by Yawar Nazir/ Getty Images)
Getty Images

Poppy farmers in India are being attacked by opium-addicted parrots at all hours of the day and night.

Asian News International posted a video on the parrots making off with a poppy pods, even with loud music blasting, the addicted birds can’t be stopped.

“One poppy flower gives around 20-25 grams of opium. But a large group of parrots feed on these plants around 30-40 times a day and some even fly away with poppy pods. This affects the produce,” one opium farmer told NDTV.

This isn’t the first time the avian addicts have found the poppy fields. The problem has been an ongoing issue since first reports were made in 2015.

According to farmers, the birds wait for the poppy pods to be split open for ripening, then they make their bold move to snatch up the pods to maintain their opium high, IFL Science! Reports.

“We have tried every trick possible to keep the birds at bay but these addicts keep coming back even at the risk of their life,” an opium farmer said.

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