This Man and His Garbage are Here to Pump You Up

Now that's what we call clean living

April 21, 2017 9:00 am

As Earth Day draws near, it’s critical for us to remember that our environment is in trouble. The Great Barrier Reef is in a terminal stage. Everest is turning into one big dump. And public lands are in the Koche Brothers’ crosshairs, destined for soil sodomy.  

But it’s also important to acknowledge the good work of individuals like Alcindo Soares, a construction worker on Santa Maria, Cape Verde, off the northwestern coast of Africa.

When Soeres isn’t working, he cleans trash from the beach. “I feel proud when I see Santa Maria’s beach clean,” he says. “It’s important to keep the beach clean. You shouldn’t throw trash on the sand.”

Rather than ferry it to the dump, he transforms it into gym equipment, which he erects on the beach for the community to use. Benches. Weights. Pull-up bars. And use it the community does. Great Big Story highlighted Soares’ good work for their video series, Planet Earth. It’s a beautifully shot video that warms the cockles.

Hopefully it inspires you give some love to ma’ earth this weekend.

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