The Terminator T-1000 May Soon Be a Reality

Thanks, science.

August 8, 2016 9:00 am

Advancements in A.I. have already made the prospect of a Skynet-esque future disturbingly plausible — and now scientists are ready to make another aspect of Terminator 2 a reality.

Building a T-1000 isn’t possible yet, but researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne are developing self-propelling liquid metals to make creating a shape-shifting Terminator possible.

By placing liquid metal droplets between reservoirs filled with electrolytes of acidic and basic natures, researchers were able to alter their chemistry to make them function like human cells. That in turn paves  the way for getting the malleable droplets to function autonomously and “communicate” while also functioning as electronic circuits.

The adjustment process enabled the researchers to create autonomous switches and pumps, a step that “lays the foundation for being able to use ‘electronic’ liquid metals to make 3D electronic displays and components on demand, and create makeshift and floating electronics.”

According to RMIT Professor Kourosh Kalantar-zadeh, “it may be possible to build a 3D liquid metal humanoid on demand — like the T-1000 but with better programming. Obviously.”

John Connor, we wish you luck.

Main image courtesy of TriStar Pictures

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