Starz First Documentary Goes Behind the Scenes of NSFW Mag ‘Treats!’

Don't watch this trailer at work

September 15, 2017 9:00 am

For a brief moment, Steve Shaw — the photographer/owner behind Treats!, a quarterly magazine that devotes the bulk of its pages to models shot au naturel — was offered a job at Playboy.

He opted out of that because he didn’t believe they would ever revert back to being as artistic as his own endeavor could be.

Pretty bold decision. But that’s Shaw: a dude with a very clear vision of what he wants. He partnered with French photographer David Bellemere to shoot a calendar for a concept called NU Muses, which was billed as fine art at Basel in Miami.

And next month, Starz is releasing a behind-the-scenes documentary of that project called Nude. It follows the duo, showing the stresses of competing artistic visions and how the digital age impacted their process as well as the lives of the people engaged with it. (Case in point: they used social media to let readers help pick the models.)

Nude is the first feature-length documentary from Starz.

Guess they heard that sex sells.

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