The New York Post Is Really Proud of Its Anthony Weiner Headlines

The Post has managed to squeeze nearly a decade of puns out of the Weiner sex scandal

anthony weiner
Years after Anthony Weiner himself started making headlines, his headlines are making headlines.
TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP via Getty Images

You may recall that back in 2011, the world got a giggle when a man named Anthony Weiner was outed as a sexual predator in a sex scandal that involved pictures of his penis.

This was a bad thing for the former congressman and probably a worse thing for the many women and girls on the receiving end of those photos, but it was a great thing for the New York Post, which milked years of cheesy headlines and cheap puns out of the ironic surname/sex scandal combo like only the New York Post could.

Yesterday, because apparently there’s nothing else going on in the world right now worth news coverage, the Post decided to take itself for a little walk down memory lane, publishing a lengthy roundup of its own favorite Anthony Weiner headlines and covers, of which there were many.

In total, the Post highlighted 22 Weiner puns from headlines past, including standouts like “Weiner’s Second Coming,” “Weiner Roast,” “Weiner’s Rise and Fall,” and of course, “Can’t Keep Weiner Down!”

I could go on, but fortunately I don’t have to, because the New York Post already did, quite extensively.

Anyway, nice to know the Post is still doing its thing. Meanwhile, it seems Weiner’s new thing is making countertops out of broken glass. Earlier this week, it was revealed that the former congressman has a new gig as the CEO of IceStone — news the Post, true to form, broke under the headline: “Anthony Weiner piecing together shattered life as CEO of broken glass factory.”

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