NASA Found a Sand Dune On Mars

The red planet also has a patch of blue.

About a year ago, NASA found a spectacularly blue sand dune and snapped a photo of it. Now, they’re letting Earthlings take a peek.

Discovered on Mars in the Lyot Crater region, the large dune is located atop the pattern ground, which is visible in the image. NASA explained: “It is made of finer material and/or has a different composition than the surrounding [dunes].”

A blue sand dune was discovered in the Lyot Crater region of Mars (NASA)

According to Business Insider, NASA’s Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter (MRO) took the images back in January of this year.

In the upcoming weeks, Mars will be traveling closer to than Earth than it has in 15 years. Star gazers should keep an eye out for the red planet, keeping their eyes especially peeled for a splash of blue.

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