Warning: Ordering This Package Will Turn Your Life Into a Mystery Novel

"It's like starring in your own HP Lovecraft story"

September 8, 2016 9:00 am

The first rule of Mysterious Package Company is no talking about Mysterious Package Company.

Actually, we may have confused Mysterious Package Co. with another private club. Our bad.

The Toronto-based company is a members-only club that provides clients with “unannounced deliveries of a strange and otherworldly nature” that contain stories that “renew a sense of wonder in all who participate.”

If that sounds a bit confusing, think of it as version of what Michael Douglas went through in The Game experienced serially through deliveries of letters, strange correspondence and an ominous wooden crate. If that still sounds murky, Batman Inc artist Chris Burnham’s review should sum it up: “Getting stuff from The Mysterious Package Company is like starring in your own H.P. Lovecraft story …”

The Mysterious Package Company launched a Kickstarter bid to raise money for its latest story, a Victorian thriller called Filigree in Shadow, and the campaign has raised almost $130,000.

“This is a deluxe, three-chapter experience unlike any we have done before,” according to MPC. “It has more customizable elements than any of our other stories and is told using a new take on an old technology that will give the recipient deeper immersion into the events as they unfold.”

To join the club and give the Filigree in Shadow experience as a gift or enjoy it yourself, sign up for one of the $250 packages and fill out a membership application.

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