This Millipede Is So Rare It Doesn’t Have A Name

Little is known about this uncommon bug.

A BBC News report has revealed the name of millipede so rare, it has only recently been classified.

The uncommon bug, now identified as Turdulisoma cf turdulorum millipede, was discovered by children in the UK near Cilfrew at the Craig Gwladus Country Park. Dr Jörg Spelda at the Bavarian State Collection of Zoology in Germany has confirmed that this bug is a new species.

Buglife Cymru member Liam Olds explained to the BBC that sites associated with Wales’ history of coal mining were “very important places for rare and scarce animal and plant species, especially invertebrates.”Olds added: “Discoveries such as this highlight the importance of such sites and why they need to be conserved.”

As of now, little is known about this rare bug, “It could be a native species that has been previously overlooked because so few people record invertebrates in south Wales, or it could have been an introduced species from abroad,” Olds told the BBC.

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