Recent MGM Resorts Hack Cost Company $100 Million

A glimpse into the potential financial fallout of customer data breaches

MGM Hotel Macau
MGM's hotel in Macau.
Bob Henry/UCG/Universal Images Group via Getty

It’s never less than unnerving to read about a data breach — especially when it’s one where your personal information winds up being one of the targets. Earlier this year, MGM Resorts announced that the company had detected a breach of their systems, one that revealed the personal data of numerous customers, including, in some cases, Social Security and passport numbers. You know, just the sort of thing you’d like a stranger to have access to.

Now, as industry reporter Cameron Sperance writes at The Points Guy, MGM Resorts has provided some sense of how much this data breach impacted the company’s business. Hint: it was not by a small amount.

Sperance cites an MGM Resorts filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission that points to the company losing approximately $100 million as a result of the hack, with occupancy rates in the company’s properties down 5% in September 2023 compared to the same period a year earlier.

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As the Wall Street Journal reported, the impact of the hack went beyond customer data being stolen. MGM Resorts’ response to the hackers’ infiltration of their systems resulted in a number of side effects, including casino floor machines being temporarily out of order.

If this all seems somehow familiar to you, there’s a reason for that: MGM Resorts was also the target of a hack in 2019, which led to the personal information from over 10 million guests of the business’s hotels to be posted online. This news became more widely known in February 2020, just before the hospitality industry faced a very different existential threat.


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