Meet the Real Bari Weiss — Twitter’s Most Controversial Opinion Writer

Weiss approaches her writing with "a confrontational skepticism"

The New York Times Headquarters
Bari Weiss is no longer an op-ed writer for The New York Times. (Tiffany Hagler-Geard/ Getty)
Bloomberg via Getty Images

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While most people might see New York Times op-ed columnist and editor Bari Weiss as a lightning rod for controversy and conflict, the writer is, apparently anything but.

“I always marvel at the huge gulf between the Bari who’s this Twitter bogeyman and Bari the actual person,” Weiss’ colleague at the Times, Jennifer Senior, told Vanity Fair. “She is the subject of more unexamined hatred in our profession than almost anyone I can think of. She’s the target of so much snark. The irony, and what almost breaks my heart, is that she has almost no snark in her. She’s super-generous and loving.”

Perhaps the controversy lies in Weiss’ image — she writes for the Times and might want to be perceived as a liberal based on her left-leaning takes on “art, love, and discourse,” as Vanity Fair notes. But she approaches many hot-button cultural topics, such as #MeToo, the Women’s March, and campus activism, with “a confrontational skepticism.”

“Her basic gist: while such movements are well-intentioned, their excesses of zeal, often imposed by the hard left, can backfire,” is how VF characterized it.

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