One Man Snuck on to Jeffrey Epstein’s Private Island. Twice.

A dangerous expedition

Little St. James
Little St. James Island, better known as the onetime home of Jeffrey Epstein.
Navin75, CC BY-SA 2.0

One of the most staggering facts about the life of Jeffrey Epstein was his ownership of a private island in the Caribbean, where utterly horrific things reportedly took place. Adding to its notoriety was its status as, well, a private and isolated island — leading to plenty of speculation about what might have happened there and what assorted structures on the island were used for.

A new report at Newsweek offers some details about Little St. James, the island in question, and they come from a man who pulled off the jaw-dropping task of trespassing on the island multiple times. Kate Fowler reported on the story of Andy Bracco, also known by the online alias “Place Hacker,” who shared his impressions of his pair of visits there.

Bracco described his approach on both occasions as cautious, to avoid the considerable security still in place on the island. “A surprise to me actually, the locals that I talked to were quite receptive to the actions that day,” he told Newsweek. “They were more so inquisitive about what I saw and how it is that I did not get caught.”

The first video documenting Bracco’s visit arrived on YouTube last August, with subsequent videos following both there and on TikTok.

He also addressed the mysterious blue and white temple seen on the island, which he says he did not enter. “If I was to have entered the unlocked temple, that I clearly came into close contact with, I would never self-incriminate by showing my audience how I got in,” he said.

Bracco said that security has been increased since his visit there, which may dissuade anyone from emulating his attempts. Still, that he was able to make it there at all, much less twice, is its own accomplishment.

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