Lindsay Lohan Is Attempting Another Come Back … But Faces New Reality

MTV show isn't the triumphant return the former It Girl was hoping for, but it's a start.

lindsay lohan
Actress Lindsay Lohan has a new MTV reality show. (Photo by: Andrew Lipovsky/NBC/NBCU Photobank)
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Lindsay Lohan’s rap sheet is almost as long as her IMDB page. There were multiple arrests, including for charges of DUI and cocaine possession, had a couple of stints in rehab, and an alleged necklace-theft scandal.

But that’s all in the past and Lohan is ready for a comeback.

Another comeback.

Six years after Lohan’s last movie, The Canyons, entered and exited theaters, her new MTV reality show Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club debuts Tuesday night.

The series chronicles the life of the former A-lister as she channels a Lisa Vanderpump-like image running one of her clubs in Mykonos.

Lohan has clubs in Greece and Dubai, and also says she has plans to create her own island.

The Mean Girl actress recently opened up to Variety about why people don’t want to hire her, the actress’ biggest mistakes, and what it’s like to be filming her new show on the same beach where she was physically assaulted by her ex-fiance in 2016.

Lohan hopes people are ready to work with her again: “I think there’s a misconception that people still have about me, and I think it’s unfortunate. Hopefully, this will change people’s perception once and for all.” the actress told Variety.

The mistakes of her past, she says, are in the past.

“I just don’t want to seem like a martyr. But it’s in the past. I always say to people, “You do realize that was over 10 years ago?” But it was definitely unfair and unjust at certain times, especially as a girl. I worked at the morgue. I’ve been through the ringer. It was horrible. But from those things, I became a lot stronger.”

Reality TV isn’t where Lohan wants to reside permanently. The one-time It Girl wants to be back on the silver screen.

Mean Girls sequel is something the actress has begged for.

“Tina [Fey] and Lorne [Michaels] are so amazing, and to bring everyone back together would be great.” the actress gushed. “Last time I was in New York, I went up to Lorne, and I was like, ‘Please!’

“It’s in their hands.” she added.

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