Late Night Bids Farewell to Paul Ryan

"Fare thee well," Colbert cracked, kissing his fingers. "Fare thee well, Paul Ryan."

Seth Meyers introduces the parody song "Ryan" on his late-night show (YouTube)
Seth Meyers introduces the parody song "Ryan" on his late-night show (YouTube)

Late-night comedians reacted predictably to Speaker Paul Ryan’s announcement that he won’t be seeking reelection for the position in November, taking turns mocking Ryan and wishing him good riddance.

“I said earlier that I didn’t want this job at first. And you — most of you know this, I really actually didn’t,” Ryan told reporters on Wednesday.

“No we believe you,” Colbert quipped. “We didn’t want you to have that job either.”

“Wah,” The Daily Show’s Trevor Noah whined, mocking Ryan. “He sounds like it’s his last day at camp: ‘It’s been a wild ride, so many fun memories with my friends, like the time I tried to take away poor children’s healthcare.’”

Injecting some originality into the mix, Seth Meyers didn’t deliver a scripted joke about Ryan, instead airing a parody version of Roy Orbison’s “Crying” with writer Amber Ruffin singing “Ryan” instead.

“Retirement is what you choose / ‘Cause if you run, you’re gonna lose / People stopped listening to you / Oh I don’t wish you well / You’re douchey I can tell.”

Take a look at the clips below.

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