Unfortunately, Justin Bieber’s Erotic Art Show Is Not Real

Word of the pop star's pivot to erotic art made the rounds this week, but it's a hoax

Justin Bieber poses, chin and hand, at the 2021 Met Gala
Not an erotic artist, unfortunately
Sean Zanni/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

If you were looking forward to viewing the “profound” and “erotic” works of pop star Justin Bieber in the musician’s debut art show, “Paintings From Space,” I regret to inform you that the show, the paintings from space and Bieber’s foray into erotic art are all, apparently, a hoax.

Per Page Six, word of the show made the rounds this week in a press release ostensibly from one Harry Gablowsian, owner of the new Gablowsian Gallery — which art world enthusiasts (which I am not) would easily identify as a play on dealer and gallerist Larry Gagosian.

The Gablowsian Gallery’s debut show, had it been real, would have featured “the first solo show of paintings by Justin Bieber,” said to evoke “intimacy, childhood dreams and family all with subtle layers of eroticism, joy and the gestation of sexual identity.” Just think what could have been. But wait, not only do these imaginary “stream of conscious” works of acrylics, spray paint and markers “embody a natural sense of freedom and abandonment,” but they also “hold tight to a formal training and art historical framework,” and while “many will try to pinpoint a source/origin artist to reference, these works are truly individual and are distinctively profound.”

Unfortunately for Justin Bieber fans eagerly awaiting the pop star’s pivot to erotic, stream of conscious art — including a “limited edition” print of a work called “Cool Cat” — Bieber’s reps have reportedly denied the event, handing down a firm “Not real!” to the inquiring minds at Page Six.

Gablowsian, for their part, was reportedly committed to the bit, telling the outlet that half the collection had already been sold, with prices starting in the six-figure range, while the other half “are being shopped to private collectors/collections.” The faux gallerist even promised Bieber himself would be making an appearance at the event.

When asked directly, however, if this was a scam or some kind of parody/performance art, the creative minds behind the erotic Justin Bieber art exhibit that never was reportedly “clammed up.”

Alas, it would seem an erotic Justin Bieber art display is not in our future, unless Bieber happens to take this incident as inspiration to pull a George Bush and pivot to painting. Still, whether performance art or straight up hoax, at least we will always have the mental image of the erotic, “distinctively profound” Justin Bieber sex art that could’ve been, and for that, we have Mr. Gablowsian to thank.

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