Good Sport

By The Editors
June 19, 2014 9:00 am

Tiger. LeBron. Jeter. Neymar, since it’s World Cup time.

Men of such stature: they only require one name.

A single name you can totally use (“Hi, Neymar!”) the next time you guys hang out.  And that hangout comes courtesy of Jumbow, making A-level intros now.

Basically, Jumbow gives you the chance to have lunch with your heroes.

They do this by holding auctions with A-level stars and their charities of choice.

So you bid on, say, lunch with Derek Jeter.

You buy entries to win ($10 for one entry, $250 for 40, etc.). With each entry, you increase your odds.

The money goes to the A-lister’s charity of choice, like Derek Jeter’s Turn 2 Foundation or the Tiger Woods Foundation — Jumbow’s first two clients (the Woods competition just ended; see the winners below).

Every entry wins something: autographed memorabilia, gift cards and more. The company is eventually aiming for a “1 to 1” level of compensation to donation, via iDonor. Think “contribute $20, get $20 off an Amazon order” type of stuff.

Back to Jeter: if you win, you receive a private lunch for four with the Yankees shortstop, followed by a VIP tour of Yankees stadium, a viewing of batting practice from the dugout and a luxury suite for the game (plus all travel expenses). And a signed glove from the Captain himself.

New experiences boot up every month or two. More sports — plus experiences with music/movie celebs — coming soon.

And no matter what, your money’s going to a good cause.

Time to name your price.

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