Jose Cuervo Brought Tequila to the Metaverse

Could your next distillery trip be virtual?

Jose Cuervo Metaverse distillery
This distillery lives in the metaverse.
Jose Cuervo

How does one properly age a spirit distilled in the metaverse? This might not be a question you’d ever thought to ask prior to 2022. As it turns out, there’s a logical line of thinking that leads directly to the question of the place where online spaces and distilled spirits converge.

It’s in the metaverse community of Decentraland, where Jose Cuervo recently established a distillery — or, in this case, a space in which people can gather, converse and take in various tequila-themed visions, including a barrel maze.

What’s especially interesting — and eye-catching — about the virtual building is its design. As Dezeen’s Amy Frearson discussed in a recent article, architecture firm Rojkind Arquitectos and designers Bompas & Parr were behind the look of the space. And while there’s something playful about the building’s exterior, it also shares a scale and an imposing quality with some of the former’s other work — including the Foro Boca concert hall.

The virtual space offers an array of games and activities that visitors can take part in, as well as social spaces to congregate. It’s not Jose Cuervo’s only high-tech move in recent weeks; the company also announced an NFT last month.

Architecture and virtual spaces can make for an interesting combination, and the metaverse isn’t the first instance that the two have converged. A 2007 article in The Guardian explored the architectural side of Second Life — including one person who created a digital replica of the Mies van der Rohe-designed Farnsworth House. Sometimes, the most eye-catching buildings are those that it’s impossible to set foot in.


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