Parents Taking Away Their Kids’ Halloween Candy Is Still Sadistic, Hilarious

Jimmy Kimmel’s annual bit never gets old

By The Editors
November 2, 2016 9:00 am

Up there with Santa Claus, cartoons and having to go to the bathroom at the worst time ever at all times, there are few things that kids love more than their stash of Halloween candy.

So when that stash is threatened — even by someone they love — they react very poorly.

Jimmy Kimmel knows this, and for the past six years (including this one) he has asked parents to pretend they ate all their kids’ candy and record what happens when they break the bad news. The reactions range from anger to depression to denial to whatever the other stages of grief are.

While cruel and unusual, the punishment Kimmel asks his viewers to inflict is not just limited to the children of others — he played the same trick on his two-year-old daughter Jane.

Anything for a laugh.

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