Jeff Bezos’s New Yacht Is Getting a New Yacht

The Amazon billionaire is getting a yacht, and a yacht for his yacht

jeff bezos
Jeff Bezos, yacht owner.
AFP via Getty Images

Congratulations are in order to former Amazon CEO and current multi-billionaire Jeff Bezos, who is reportedly in the process of becoming the proud owner of a brand new custom superyacht. Congratulations are also in order to Jeff Bezos’ new yacht, which is also getting a new yacht of its very own.

Bezos has reportedly commissioned a 127-meter custom mega-yacht from the Dutch shipbuilder Oceanco, according to an excerpt from Brad Stone’s forthcoming book, Amazon Unbound, that appeared in Bloomberg Businessweek on Wednesday. The massive vessel, which is apparently expected to be “one of the finest sailing yachts in existence,” is going to be so big, in fact, that it needs its very own “support yacht,” a second, smaller ship that boasts its own helipad.

Aside from the three-mast mega-yacht’s expected grandeur, Stone reports that little else is known about the ship, even among the elite members of the luxury boat world. No images of the boat, or the boat’s boat, have been made available, nor has info on just how much of Bezos’ nearly $200 billion net worth is going into his latest purchase.

But while one might assume a billionaire of Bezos’ rank to be the type who’s very much in the habit of purchasing massive yachts, the new mega-yacht — and its helipad-equipped support yacht — will actually only be first and second yachts the richest man in the world has owned. Heretofore, Bezos has been something of an outlier amongst the typically yacht-owning mega-wealthy, which I guess is really kind of a power move. If you’re the wealthiest person on the planet, I suppose the only thing cooler than owning a predictably massive superyacht is simply declining to own a yacht at all, despite being richer than god. For Jeff Bezos, not owning a yacht is a choice, which is not something he and I have in common. In fact, Bezos has actually gone out of his way to defend his non-yacht-owning reputation in the past. Back in 2019, rumors claimed Bezos was the owner of a $400 million yacht called the Flying Fox, which Amazon publicly denied.

It seems, however, that Bezos has finally decided to trade in his yacht-owning virginity for not one, but two yachts, because if you can’t buy a yacht for your yacht, what’s the point of buying a yacht at all? Anyway, if anyone needs me, I will be busy not having a yacht, unlike both Jeff Bezos and Jeff Bezos’ yacht.

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