Song of the Day: J Mascis Covers Tom Petty’s “Don’t Do Me Like That”

Your springtime soundtrack is shaping up nicely.

J Mascis covers Tom Petty just in time for spring.
J Mascis covers Tom Petty just in time for spring.
Courtesy of Sub Pop

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It’s easy to forget that it’s actually springtime during the first few weeks of April when the weather is generally all grey skies. Depending on where you are (ignore this, smart people in places like Miami or Phoenix), it might be 75 and breezy in the afternoon, then a few hours later it’s cold enough that you need to pull out that fisherman sweater you stashed away and thought you wouldn’t need again until October. But the fact is that, yes, it really is the Vernal Equinox. Warmer days are ahead, I promise.

All that said, it still feels like the last remnants of winter are hanging around like a bug you just can’t kick from your system. Anything that conjures the feeling of putting on a pair of shorts and sitting outside with a beer in your hand is a good thing. J Mascis, guitar god of all your hazy 1990s dreams, has just the thing you, me and everybody else is looking for: a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers cover.

Yes, that’s right: J Mascis makes a Petty song sound like, well, a Dinosaur Jr. song, and that should keep you going as you trudge through the crappy weather. This version of the 1979 classic off Damn the Torpedoes is the sort of song that will warm you up during the remaining chilly days we might have left, but it’ll also sound good blasting from the Sonos by the pool in June, July and beyond. I mean, it’s J freaking Mascis covering Tom freaking Petty. What else could you need? It’s also available on Spotify and Apple Music for all your playlist making needs.

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