Is The World Ready for Exploding Drones?

An apparent assassination attempt in Venezuela shows how quickly technology is moving.

Google Is Helping the Pentagon Build AI for Drones. (Getty Images)

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro was giving a speech about economic renewal, flanked by his wife and a handful of high officials, when explosions erupted in the sky.

By the government’s account, those explosions were a part of an attempted assassination by drone, which if true, would be the first instance of a such an attack targeting a head of state, writes The Atlantic. It is also a possible sign of things to come.

America started using military drones for surveillance and then missile strikes in Afghanistan nearly two decades ago, but only a handful of nations have those capabilities. However, small, commercially available drones of the kind Venezuela says were used in the attempt are easy to obtain, and can easily carry explosives.

Officials fear that risks like exploding drones are only going to get worse and that countries, including the United States, are unprepared to deal with it.

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