Is It Illegal to ____ and Drive?

A guide to strange driving laws in all 50 states

By The Editors
December 2, 2015 9:00 am

The car is packed. Kiddos strapped in. Your trusty terrier perched about your lap.

Just know this: that’s illegal in Jersey.

How do we know? Because we read the Internet all day long, and this week it led us to Just Park, a British company that pre-books parking spaces and recently mapped the wackiest driving laws in all 50 freedom-loving states.

Inspired by some of the most popular Google searches, the interactive map works off the phrase “Is It Illegal to Drive … ?” Just fill in the blank from a pre-selected list of driving factors (“while pregnant,” “barefoot,” “past a funeral procession”) to start your education.

Here are some highlights:

Is it illegal to drive while drinking?
In 49 states, yes. The exception: Mississippi, as long as you’re under the legal limit. Stay classy, Magnolia State.

Is it illegal to drive too slowly?
Should be everywhere. In North Carolina, it’s illegal to plod along in the left lane (though no one in the sticks seems to enforce this, says a former resident). It’s illegal in five other states, too: New Jersey, Georgia, Florida, Oregon and Michigan.

Is it illegal to drive while high?
Surprisingly, it’s only “inadvisable” in most states, including those where it’s legal to toke.

Is it illegal to drive a golf cart on city roads?
Is it any surprise that driving a golf cart on the road is legal in Florida? Probably not. Same goes for 26 other states.

Is it illegal to drive while texting?
Not in Montana and Arizona. But Montana has one of the highest automotive death rates in the country, so expect changes there.

Is it illegal to drive without a seatbelt?
In 49 states, you betcha. You can thank Ralph Nader for that. The one state where his do-goodery worked no magic: New Hampshire.

Is it illegal to drive while tired?
If you’re in Maine, New York, New Jersey, Arkansas, Tennessee, Florida, Oregon or Washington it is. How the authorities test for tiredness is a different question.

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