Now Influencers Are Throwing Parties at Colleges Across the Country

Oh good, influencers and college students, two of the biggest pandemic partiers, have joined forces

college students dancing at a party
Just what we needed, influencers and college students to start partying together.
Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

The influencers were quite clear: they have no intention of stopping their pandemic parties.

Back in August, TikTokers and YouTubers in hot water for throwing ragers in L.A. assured the New York Times‘ Taylor Lorenz the parties wouldn’t be stopping any time soon, and they’ve made good on that promise. TikTok star Bryce Hall is currently facing a year in jail for hosting a series of Hollywood Hills parties, and now YouTubers known as the NELK Boys could face charges for partying with fans on a college campus in Illinois, Dazed reported.

Earlier this week, video evidence of a massive party thrown by the NELK Boys near the Illinois State University campus surfaced on social media, revealing massive crowds displaying little regard for social distancing or other pandemic guidelines, as has become typical of influencer pandemic party videos.

“It really gives me no joy to convey my great disappointment in the actions of those who gathered,” ISU President Larry Dietz said in a press conference addressing the incident, adding that he and local legislators were looking into potential legal action against the partiers, reportedly including suspensions and a fine of up to $750.

Currently, L.A. influencers and college students are among the more egregious pandemic-precaution thwarters, but college parties are an ongoing cause of concern for schools across the country. The last thing anyone needed was for these two negligent groups of young partiers to combine, but thanks to the NELK Boys, college kids and influencers have joined forces for one horrifying coronavirus crossover.

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