In Defense of Tom Brady’s ’90s Hair

From Deflate-gate to Pate-gate

By The Editors
August 31, 2016 9:00 am

The NFL regular season kicks off next week, and while we won’t be seeing Tom Brady for at least four games, it hasn’t stopped the man from making headlines.

This time, it’s about his hairline.

Blowing up on the internet today is the New England QB’s uber ’90s hairdo. Brady unveiled his new mushroom cut at a press conference on Tuesday, and the Internet, naturally, couldn’t help but take a few jabs.

Blame it on Brady’s rugged good looks, but the haircut is actually working for him. Here’s why.

First, if you look at the long and storied history of Brady’s questionable hairstyles, this Matt Damon–circa–Good Will Hunting look doesn’t seem half-bad, does it? Moreover, I like to think the messy part, flowing freely and devoid of manly dignity, is the ’90s cool white guy equivalent (think young Leo) of the high-fade flattop (think Kid n’ Play). And guess what? The ’90s are back, and the flatops have been back.

So, Brady’s hair is just a natural extension of that — a hair extension, if you will.

Plus: dude’s 39 going on 40. We are not above letting any man hold onto his last semblance of youth, should he feel the need. 

Anyway, the Twitter reactions are hilarious:

Main photo: Mike Reiss/Twitter

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