The Living End

By The Editors
October 10, 2014 9:00 am

So. The Walking Dead returns on Sunday.

You know the gist: a ragtag band of survivors faces off against the undead, but — as with all zombie vehicles — the biggest threat comes from living humans.

To celebrate this ironic and grisly fact, we made you InsideHook’s Guide to Humans in Zombie Films.*

From Night of the Living Dead through Zombieland and now The Walking Dead, humanity has continuously faced the worst in ourselves … and fared poorly.

Here, we ID the the most devilish of human culprits, and present humanity’s prognosis.

Let’s just say: living ain’t easy.

Check out the guide.

*Our highly scientific definition of a zombie movie: something that is, at its core, about the horde of id coming to consume the ego. So, infected zombies, demonic zombies, fast zombies and slow zombies are all game. Also, they must have made a cultural impact (sorry, Big Tits Zombies).

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