How Will HBO Hold the Attention of Millennials Post-‘Game of Thrones?’

One in three millennials have either cancelled their HBO subscription or are planning on it

Game of Thrones
The end of "Game of Thrones" means the end of subscribing to HBO for many. (HBO)

Millennials are jumping the HBO ship now that Game of Thrones has sailed on from Westeros and our TV screens.

That’s what a survey from market research firm InMyArea Research found, at least, according to Forbes. They polled 1,000 Thrones devotees aged 22 to 38 who were keyed in on the global phenomenon and, by default, the premium channel itself during the show’s run.

InMyArea discovered that one in three of those millennials have either cancelled their HBO subscription since Thrones‘ end or are planning on it sometime soon. It should be noted, however, that more than a quarter of those polled admitted that they “borrowed” someone else’s account to watch the show — meaning that they can’t abandon a subscription that they never had.

“If a third of millennial GoT viewers cancel HBO after saying goodbye to Westeros (the fictional continent where much of the show takes place), the network could lose a core audience segment and significant subscription revenue,” according to InMyArea.

What might make the execs at HBO feel a little less “Red Wedding” about the findings, is that Netflix has it worse, Forbes reported. About 35 percent of respondents in a separate InMyArea poll said that they “share” a subscription with others.

Meme and gif-happy millennials showed their loyalty and devotion to Thrones throughout the show’s eight seasons. The final two seasons averaged 10 million viewers per episode and the final’s premier attracted 17.4 million pairs of eyes, according to Forbes — the most of any single episode in HBO’s history.

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