How to Shoot 360-Degree VR Content on Your Smartphone

September 21, 2016 5:00 am

If you want a new form of technology to catch on quickly with a wide audience, you need to keep it simple (or at least, make it seem simple for users). Although 360-degree capture devices have been largely limited to virtual reality obsessives, Spincle‘s new app seems poised to put that notion to bed. The app allows its users to shoot panoramic-like content from the comfort of their own smartphone.

The Spincle app is also unique thanks to the fact that it offers a photo/video amalgam that turns certain aspects of the panorama into a video, while the rest remains a static image. (This allows for a 360-degree video to still have some context.)

To learn more about Spincle (in particular, how they aim to be as sharable as possible in the social media world), click here. Below, experience a 360-video and, if you’re still curious, watch a presentation by Spincle fully explaining their product at bottom.

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