Hannu Huhtamo Makes Light Art With Cameras and Flashlights

January 21, 2017 5:00 am

Hannu Huhtamo paints with light.

During Finland’s “polar night,” which lasts from December until February (about 50 days, by Huhtamo’s estimates), Huhtamo ventures out into dark, remote areas and uses a combination of manipulated light sources (including flashlights) and long exposure photographs to create his beautiful, haunting light paintings.

Huhtamo likes turning “scary” places, like abandoned buildings and forbidding corners of the woods, into canvases; and hopes that his work will inspire others to see their surroundings differently. His art has changed even his own perspective; through his light paintings, he looks for opportunities within his environment, rather than just deficiencies.

Plus, he’s been dealing with nearly two months of zero sunlight; if he didn’t make some light of his own, he’d probably go crazy.

Below, watch Great Big Story‘s video on Hannu Huhtamo.


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