Pent Up

By The Editors
October 1, 2013 9:00 am

Bob Guccione founded Penthouse to pay for his painting hobby.

He co-directed the X-rated romp Caligula. He gave Anna Wintour her first editorial job. He owned Van Goghs, Picassos and a Matisse. He was the gilded yin to Hugh Hefner’s caddish yang. And then he died, almost penniless.

GuccioneBut now you can sift through his closet and buy his stash, via The Guccione Collection.

For sale: early video and 8mm erotica, classic issues of Penthouse, Kodachrome slides from photo shoots, erotic art and B&W pinup pics taken by Guccione in the ’50s. Plus, 16mm film prints from Marilyn Monroe’s long-lost Swedish stag film.


Dig a little deeper, and the truly fun stuff comes out: Guccione’s driver’s license. A Penthouse-branded router from the ’80s. Nudie paintings from Star Wars artist John Berkey.

Sadly, the brass penis netsuke paperweight is no longer available. But you can still get a cast-iron turtle from “the original personal turtle collection of Bob Guccione.”

Oh, Bob.

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