Why Grey Goose Creator Warns to Never Put Vodka In The Freezer

Francois Thibault gets heated about the idea of deviating from perfect temperature for alcohol.

A line of martinis (Getty)
A line of martinis (Getty)

We’ll drink to that.

Grey Goose vodka creator Francois Thibault recently revealed to Business Insider the key to keeping your vodka at just the right temperature.

“The best temperature for Grey Goose is 0-4 degrees Celsius,” Thibault says, “which is the temperature of a slight dilution with ice in a mixing glass.”

Many people believe that vodka’s ethanol content which keeps it from freezing, means it should be stored in the freeze. That is apparently wrong. Although a lower end vodka brand might benefit from freezing temps (it can hide the aggressive, burning taste), a more luxurious brand of vodka could be ruined.

Even Grey Goose can taste aggressive when drunk at room temperature. The perfect cocktail for a vodka beginner is a dry martini. Thibault says it’s “the perfect cocktail to compare different vodkas.”

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