Going On A Fishing Trip Is Good For Your Mental Health

Spending time in nature could improve well-being.

mental health
Going fishing could be linked to reducing stress and depression. (Getty)
Getty Images/EyeEm Premium

If you’re struggling with your mental health, taking a fishing trip might help relieve some of your stress.

Niels Eék, a psychologist and the co-founder of mental wellbeing and self-development platform Remente, saying spending time in nature might be restorative.

“Several researchers have looked into the health benefits connected to spending time out in nature. One study specifically, which was recently published in BioScience Journal, found that daily exposure to nature can, among other things, help reduce feelings of stress and even improve your self-esteem, for up to seven hours. Reconnecting with nature can also help you become more mindful and present in the moment,” Eék told Travel and Leisure.

Camping, hiking and biking, and fishing are all good activities to take part in if you’re struggling with negative thoughts and feelings.

According to reps from Fishbrain, an app that brings fishing lovers together, an Australian survey funded by the Recreational Fishing Initiatives Scheme, reports that relaxation and overall stress relief are the main benefits folks reported from just-for-fun angling.

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