Getting Too Much Sleep is Killing You

The recommended amount of sleep adults should aim for is between six and eight hours per night.

Sleeping more than the recommended amount of hours has been linked to an increased risk of death and cardiovascular diseases, according to a global study published Wednesday.

Data from 21 countries across the world found that people who sleep more than eight hours a night had an increased risk of of major cardiovascular events, like stroke or heart failure, as well as death by up to 41%, CNN reported.

But sleeping more could point to underlying conditions that cause exhaustion, which in turn could raise the risk of cardiovascular disease or mortality, the authors of the study said.

Daytime napping also had similar health associations, the research discovered.

“Daytime napping was associated with increased risks of major cardiovascular events and deaths in those with (more than) six hours of nighttime sleep but not in those sleeping (less than) 6 hours a night,” study leader Chuangshi Wang said.

However, in those who underslept, “a daytime nap seemed to compensate for the lack of sleep at night and to mitigate the risks,” Wang explained.

In 2014, 35.2% of American adults reported not getting enough sleep with less than seven hours per night, according to the CDC.

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