Germany Has Sausage Vending Machines Because of Course It Does

The country's in the midst of a veritable sausage vending boom

Don't forget the potato salad.
Don't forget the potato salad.
Christophe Gateau/picture alliance/Getty

The vending machine industry is finally giving the people of Germany what they need most: 24-hour access to sausage and potato salad.

From bratwurst and bockwurst to barbecue, Germany’s sausage vending machines are currently booming outside the country’s cities, The Independent reported. Many of the machines feature multiple varieties of sausage as well as tubs of potato salad, so customers can easily vend themselves a quality German feast any time of day or night.

While a sausage vending machine may sound like a quintessentially German publicity stunt at best and a health hazard at worst, it’s actually not that unusual for Germany, where vending machines selling other grocery store staples like meat, milk and eggs are already in use.

The vending machines have become popular in areas outside of German cities, where they provide round the clock access for customers in places where traditional shops are less likely to stay open beyond peak hours.

“Especially in structurally weak, rural areas, vending machine solutions are becoming increasingly popular,” industry spokesman Heike Richter told The Independent.

While Germany currently has over 570,000 vending machines selling everything from dairy products to fruits and vegetables (and now, of course, several varieties of sausage), the goal isn’t to take over grocery stores altogether. Rather, the vending machines are intended to complement traditional shops by operating in rural or underpopulated areas where full brick and mortar stores may not be economically viable.

Call it gross, call it genius, but Germany definitely has a leg up on our sad snacks and sodas when it comes to vendable goods.

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