Future of “Justice League” Movies Up in the Air

Production delays and star defections have been hurdles for the franchise.

After reports that Ben Affleck (Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice) and Henry Cavill (Man of Steel) are through playing their superhero alter egos and silence surrounding rumored Flash and Cyborg films, the future of DC FilmsJustice League franchise is seemingly up in the air.

But the supposed years now added to any potential release date for an Ezra Miller (Suicide Squad) stand-alone Flash movie is a good thing, according to Vanity Fair. A delay in production will allow Warner Bros. to “take its time” and “make sure it gets the tone on this project exactly right,” the magazine reported.

In an effort to build up anticipation for and interest in a new Justice League, the new studio heads at Warner Bros. are in no rush to once again release a film just because it feels like they have to compete with Marvel’s Avengers series before they’re ready.

With upcoming releases including a Wonder Woman sequel and Joaquin Phoenix-led Jokerit doesn’t seem like they have to.

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