Everything Men Need to Know About Beating Cancer

Know the risk factor and your screening options.

beating cancer
The process of cancer spreading throughout the body is called metastasis. (Getty Images)

Prostate, lung, and bowel cancers account for more than 50% of cancer in men. And knowing the warning signs and treatment options early could save your lives.

“Listen to your body,” Dr. Mike LeFevre, vice co-chair of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force tells Men’s Journal. “Basically, don’t ignore what your body might be trying to tell you. It’s probably nothing, but you’ll want to make sure.”

The magazine broke down a handy guide for guys, helping to describe and educate men on cancers most likely to affect them. Prostate, lung, and colorectal cancer are all on the list.

Lung cancer is the deadliest in men- claiming over 80,000 lives a year and accounting for 14% of all new cancer cases. “Genetics don’t play a major role in developing lung cancer,” says Dr. LeFevre. “If you smoke, you are at high risk.”

The list breaks down each disease and its risk factors, symptoms, and screening and treatment options. For example, if you’re concerned about prostate cancer, Men’s Journal suggests a rectal exam, blood test or even a newly FDA-approved urine test as a jumping off point for diagnosis.

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