For One Day, ESPN Is Going ‘Dodgeball’ and Making The Ocho a Reality

If it’s almost a sport, we’ve got it here.'

August 4, 2017 9:00 am

It’s a bold strategy, Cotton.

For one single glorious day, ESPN will resurrect ESPN8: The Ocho, a fictional network only seen in the 2004 Vince Vaughn-Ben Stiller comedy Dodgeball.

Starting August 8th and lasting just 24 hours, The Ocho will take over ESPNU. If you don’t remember the fictional channel, it purportedly showcased “the finest in seldom seen sports … if it’s almost a sport, we’ve got it here.”

Included in these upcoming almost sports: Disc golf, trampoline dodgeball, darts, arm wrestling, cornhole (“The Championship of Bags”) and Moxie Games, an “uncanny, new and amazing event which combines a variety of sports into one, such as dodgeball and juggling.”

Important note: Cotton McKnight and Pepper Brooks will not be on-hand to provide colorful commentary. 

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