English Politician Reveals Love of Lego

Culture secretary Jeremy Wright said the motion of snapping them together and pulling them back apart is calming.

A British official turns to Lego when he needs to unwind. (Photo by Roberto Machado Noa/LightRocket via Getty Images)

English Culture secretary Jeremy Wright turns to a child’s toy to help him relax.

The Conservative party official said he uses Lego blocks to “put my brain into neutral,” The Guardian reported. Wright recently revealed the tidbit about himself on British talkRADIO.

“In my view, it’s a great way of putting your brain into neutral, which sometimes we all need to do,” he said, describing his Lego collection. “It’s very large indeed. My wife would say far too large but I find Lego therapeutic.

“I think everybody who does any difficult or stressful job needs a way to switch off,” Wright continued. “We all have different ways. Mine is Lego. Putting Lego together and pulling it apart again is a very therapeutic process.”

The government official said that one of his larger creations is a replica Death Star from Star Wars made up of 4,500 blocks.

Though perhaps surprising to some, playing with Legos is, apparently, not a unique hobby for a grown man.

“There is quite a big community of adult fans who are into Lego or have come back to it,” Lego toy store Bricks and Bits owner, Michael LeCount, told The Guardian. “It’s partly a nostalgia thing — they remember having it as a child — and the sets they’re doing are more appealing to adults,”

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