Good Guy Cop Skips Speeding Ticket, Helps Kid Tie a Tie Instead

Kinda puts a pin in the old rebel phase, eh?

By The Editors
December 22, 2016 9:00 am

Everyone — even a college student who drives a BMW yet can’t tie a tie — deserves a mulligan.

Luckily for a University of Wisconsin-Stout student who got pulled over for speeding a few weeks back and fits that exact profile, Officer Martin Folczyk happens to agree with that sentiment.

During an interaction captured on dashcam video, Officer Folczyk observed a student speeding in the area around UW-Stout and pulled up behind him after he parked his Bimmer on campus. After the student explained he was late for a presentation and had been going to a friend’s to get help with his tie only to discover he wasn’t home, Officer Folczyk asked to see some proof.

When the kid handed over the tie, the campus cop told him to go get his insurance papers and proceeded to loop and knot the hitch around his own neck before handing it back. The video below shows how the whole thing ties up, but rest assured the lucky dude walks away from the encounter with a knot around his neck instead of a ticket in his pocket.

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