This Is What Community Policing Looks Like

VA cop crashes pep rally, destroys Beyoncé's ‘Formation’ dance

October 17, 2016 9:00 am

Deuntay Diggs is an openly gay man, motivational speaker and second lieutenant in the Stafford, Virginia, sheriff’s office.

He’s also a frighteningly good dancer, as evidenced by the video above, in which Diggs crashes a North Stafford High School pep rally and proceeds to blow the roof off the place with a step-for-step recreation of Beyoncé’s “Formation” dance.

We’re not saying this is the only way for police to engender goodwill with the communities they aim to protect and serve — but it’s certainly a very good one.

Also: Anyone got his tailor’s number? Those pants give no quarter.

via Buzzfeed

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