How to Control What Websites Can Access on Your Computer

Keeping your private data safe is as easy as pie... or cookies.

Keepingyour data private while online is easier than you might think.
Getty Images/PhotoAlto

Websites and apps ask for so many permissions into the various parts of your devices — from one’s camera and location to one’s contacts and video call tools — it’s hard for a user to keep track of how much access they have allowed.

But limiting private data can be as easy as tweaking the cookie settings on various pieces of tech, according to Wired.

Controlling cookies, those little bits of information saved to your laptop by websites to track your internet identity and better predict which ads you’ll respond to, is a simple fix. Chrome users are going to want to click on the icon left of the address bar, go into the Site Settings, and then Reset Permissions according to what you’re not OK with the website doing.

For those on Safari, open the Safari settings menu while on any given site, toggle to Settings for this Website and a similar list of computer apps and allowances will appear for you to play around with.

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