Connecticut Schools Ban Parents From Coming to Lunchtime

Helicopter parents, be warned - that doesn't fly here.

parent ban
Parents in Connecticut will now have to wait until after school to see their kids.
Getty Images/Xixinxing

The Darian school system in Connecticut decided to take action after struggling with a growing number of parents who felt the need to visit their children during lunchtime.

The town’s elementary schools issued a notice to parents this week, announcing that they would no longer be welcome on the grounds at that particular time of day, NBC News reported.

Some parents agreed and said it was time to put an end to the disruptive practice, while others were, frankly, devastated.

“It feels like a punch in the gut,” parent Jessica Xu, told the news site. “I chose the town for the schools. I’m so frustrated the schools don’t want me there.”

But in Darian, where the median household income exceed $200,000, so many parents were dropping in on their kids that principals felt they were negatively affecting the schools’ day-to-day operation.

“We believe that schools exist for children, and we work to develop the skills necessary for students to grow into engaged members of society,” chairman of the Darien Board of Education, Tara Ochman, wrote in a statement. “We work every day on this mission so that our students embrace their next steps confidently and respectfully.”

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