Children Have Strong Opinions on What Their Parents Post About Them Online

Researchers found kids accept positive posts, but dislike negative or embarrassing ones.

May 11, 2017 12:07 pm
Kids have strong opinions about what their parents share. (Getty Images)
Kids have strong opinions about what their parents share. (Getty Images)

It turns out kids really do care what their parents say about them on social media.

Researchers from the University of Michigan School of Information were surprised to find that the kind of content parents shared online determined how their children felt about it, while the number of posts did not matter as much.

In the study, 331 pairs of adults and their children, ranging from 10 to 17, were polled about what personal information the parents should share on social media.

Positive content, in general, was okay to share from the children’s perspective. This includes posts about good grades, sports achievements, and happy family moments like an enjoyable vacation. However, children strongly disagreed with parents who shared content that was seen as negative or personal, such as unflattering photos of them, baby stories, and comments about their friends or significant others.

While the research suggests the children were comfortable with the number of social media posts made about them, it also showed they wanted more agency over what was shared. As a result, the researchers recommend parents consider asking their child if it’s okay to post something on social media if they’re unsure.

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