Cat In Wyoming Infected With Bubonic Plague

This is the third feline in the state found with the illness.

A cat in Wyoming has recovered from bubonic plague. This is the third cat in the state to be discovered with the illness. (Photo by Francis DEMANGE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images)
Gamma-Rapho via Getty Images

A Wyoming cat in Johnson County has been discovered to have bubonic plague. This is the third cat in the state in just six months to contract the illness.

The first two felines were found in Campbell and Sheridan counties.

A human was last diagnosed in 2008 with plague- one of just six cases since the 1970s.

Animals and fleas can pass the disease to humans so as a precaution, people in the surrounding area have been told to avoid areas with rodents and use flea repellent when in areas with fleas.

“Plague is a serious bacterial infection that can be deadly for pets and people if not treated as soon as possible with antibiotics,” Dr. Alexia Harrist, a state health officer, said in the health department’s statement to NBC News. “We are letting people know of the potential threat in the cat’s home area as well as across the state.”

According to a spokeswoman for the Wyoming Department of Health, the cat has fully recovered.

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