Cardinal Dolan Wants to Know Why Democrats are “Alienating” Catholics

Dolan called out Gov. Cuomo for recently signing an abortion bill in New York.

Cardinal Dolan Cuomo
New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and Cardinal Timothy Dolan have had a sometimes rough relationship. (Spencer Platt/Getty Images)
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It’s been tough recently for Catholics in the state of New York according to Timothy Cardinal Dolan, who is utterly scandalized by Governor Andrew Cuomo’s recent abortion bill signing.

The “ghoulish radical abortion-expansion law,” as Cardinal Dolan put it in his Monday evening editorial for the New York Post, was signed and “celebrated” by Cuomo “and his ‘progressive’ supporters.”

In the same article, Dolan acknowledges that while “the bishops of this state have long supported a reform of the inadequate laws around the sexual abuse of minors,” that he and his fellow clergymen still have “reservations about one element — the elimination of the civil statute of limitations,” a clause that could, perhaps, aid in bringing down more Catholic priests who have abused children in the past.

Cuomo “insults and caricatures the church,” after signing the abortion bill, according to Dolan, by using his State of the State address to “blame the church for attempting to block sex crimes legislation.

“I’m a pastor, not a politician,” Dolan states before wondering, however, “[why] the party that my folks proudly claimed as their own, the Democrats, [have] chosen to alienate faithful Catholic voters.”

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