Insane Snowboarding Video. Oh yeah, Winter’s Coming.

Age doesn’t keep the Wildcats from schooling you

By The Editors
September 24, 2015 9:00 am

The coming El Niño could be a boon for those of us planning on hitting the slopes this winter: coastal rains mean knee-deep powder at higher altitudes.

Good news for you, good news for the Wildcats: an aging group of Canadian pro snowboarders who have been causing a ruckus and flirting with death since the late ‘90s.

In the first teaser for their next film, they prove that the name’s still accurate, with stunts that include a jump down a 30-foot concrete drainage ditch (1:16).

Also, not since the opening credits of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has “Immigrant Song” been used to such appropriate effect.


The movie is set to release in Fall 2016, and is produced in part with TransWorld Snowboarding Magazine.

via TransWorld

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