California Roaster Is Brewing Up $75 Cups of Coffee

The best part of waking paying a on of money for your morning Joe

The world's priciest cup of coffee goes for $75 at Klatch
The world's priciest cup of coffee goes for $75 at Klatch

Ever feel like your morning coffee just isn’t expensive enough? A California roasting company is here to help you funnel money into your caffeine dependency at higher rates than ever before.

Klatch Coffee Roasters is home to a record-breaking $75 cup of coffee at its San Francisco and Los Angeles locations, reported ABC 13. The world’s most expensive cup of joe is made from the super exclusive Elida Geisha 803 coffee, which set a record price of $803 per pound at last year’s Best of Panama coffee auction. Post-roasting, the exclusive product reportedly goes for closer to $1,200 per pound.

Klatch managed to get its hands on 10 pounds of the pricy Panamanian produce, which it’s splitting between its SoCal and Bay Area locations. Bo Thiara, co-owner of the northern California location, told ABC 13 his customers are ready for the expensive beverage to hit the menu.

“San Francisco is one of those places where people appreciate fine stuff,” he told the outlet. “It’s the Oscars for coffee,” he said of the Best of Panama auction where the product broke records last year.

Klatch hosted an event on Saturday at the San Francisco location for customers to come in and get a taste of the exclusive brew, “a one day only event where you can experience this one of a kind special coffee.”

According to the event posting, the coffee boasts “floral, tea like and stone fruit flavors with Jasmine, Bergamot, Sugar Cane and Stone Fruit (peach or apricot) being common flavor notes.”

If $75 is a little outside your price range, Klatch also offers some more modestly priced organic offerings, ranging from $4 – $12.

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